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New Fiction 2013 Read-alikes??

Oh Twitter, where hast thou taken me?

OK, I know I’m opinionated, so I’m probably the only person who would look at this page and step back thinking, WTF?

Now, I found this little gem via a Simon & Shuster tweet, though I’m still not clear if it’s affiliated with the publisher or not. Not that it matters.

Anywho, I suppose there isn’t a point to make except my first reaction was “This is a slap in the face to all those new authors!” I’m probably way overreacting, but I just sat back and thought how I’d feel to have my novel held up as potentially readable because my voice is similar to a best selling author. Honestly? I’d be pissed and then want to hunt down whoever did it, so they can undo it NOW!

But then again, I have a huge ego and so no surprise there really, is there?

It got me thinking though, how my fellow aspiring writers would feel? Do you think it’s flattering or insulting? Do you want to write like someone else and have that be your claim to fame, or would you rather be discovered without any such comparisons?

I guess there’s no harm, and whatever it takes to get noticed is fair game…something along the lines of, “all gifts gratefully received”. Still though, I feel bad for these authors having their book marketed alongside a famous best seller because it kind of sets unreasonable expectations no? I mean, even if the book is fantastic, if it’s sufficiently different, would that cause disappointment in a reader who may have loved it without starting out with a certain level of expectation? I think so, but what do you think?

Am I ranting on a high and mighty horse, or correct in thinking it’s a bad idea?

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